Niimbus is a new high-end brand brought to you by Lake People.

Based on three decades of development experience at Lake People and bringing the Violectric brand to a new level of technical and aesthetic quality, all Niimbus products rightly bear the “Ultimate Series” label.

Niimbus products unite extraordinary design, exceptional technology and quality achieved without compromises. Handmade in Germany, of course.

“Tools, not toys” - that’s the slogan of Lake People, a company based in the Southern German town of Konstanz. This idea crystallizes the aspirations of the staff at Lake People: to create serious, respectable audio technology at reference-class standards. In the professional market, the company provides its solutions under the Lake People brand, while serving the hi-fi market with products under the Violectric and Niimbus banners.

The firm’s deep roots in the beautiful Lake Constance region are evinced not only in its company name, Lake People, but also mirrored in its operations. All aspects of development and production are accomplished in Konstanz, with most of its components sourced from German companies. As a result, its range of superb AD/DA converters and preamps for microphones, headphones and record players rightly carries the acclaimed seal of quality, “Made in Germany”.

“We develop, manufacture and distribute Lake People products aimed at professional customers such as broadcasters, airports, conference centres, airports, theatres, major installations and private studios. We’ve been offering these products to private consumers for a while now, and it’s gratifying to see that their excellent quality has fed a growing popularity.

The Niimbus brand and product line addresses the top echelons of the high-end market and its special requirements.  Our target customer is a pragmatist interested in experiencing genuinely effective, technologically advanced solutions implemented in a way that’s guided by the highest quality standards. This approach is also reflected in the simple yet elegant external design of our Niimbus product range.”


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Niimbus US 5
Item number: 1008070
Niimbus US 5
Amplifier for headphones and active speakers

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Niimbus US 5 PRO
Item number: 1008071
Niimbus US 5 PRO
Headphone Amp with 256 Step Relais

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