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Spear Labs
There is high-quality, there is high-end – and there is the Triton 1 by SPEAR Labs. The explicit aim during the development of this new in-ear from the USA was to transcend limitations and create the ultimate earphones without compromise. The result is breathtaking: made from rare materials like sterling silver and obsidian and endowed with innovative driver technology, the Triton 1 takes the company’s name literally, spearheading earphone development. It offers audiophile listening pleasure beyond high-end. Dale Lott founded SPEAR Labs LLC with the aim of creating „Special Products for the EAR“. Lott had previously founded Aurisonics, a company so successful in the field of professional audio applications that it was acquired by music instrument giant Fender. After three years as Vice President of Product Development for Fender in-ear systems, Lott moved on to found SPEAR Labs. The company debuted in 2019 with the Triton 1, showcasing what Lott means when talking about “special products for the ear”: exquisite materials from obsidian to titanium from a fighter jet and innovative technologies from the ACT magneto-static transducer to the HABU driver system for the ultimate audiophile experience – spearheading high-end earphone development.


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SPEAR Labs Triton-1
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SPEAR Labs Triton-1
In-Ear Monitor

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