Mogami 2477 HiFi cable f. Speaker, Ø 8,0mm

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colour black, bulk stock more
  • Neglex I OFC conductor material 
  • musical and honest sound 
  • Dual coax design
Professional HiFi speaker cable from Mogami, bulk ware Cable: Mogami 2477, black... more

Professional HiFi speaker cable from Mogami, bulk ware

  • Cable: Mogami 2477, black
  • Serie: Speaker - HiFi-Reference
  • Bulk ware, without plug

Mogami is the premium manufacturer when it comes to professional cables! - Cables made with passion in Japan.

High-End Speaker cable

Mogami's 2477 is a unique hi-fi speaker cable known for its wonderful resolution and great detail. The larger cable structure of the 2477 is specially designed for demanding requirements.

Use this cable when you need speaker cables to provide short runs of amplifier-speaker configurations. The Mogami 2477 is characterized by a vivid and clear sound image without deviations. All these features make it a reference cable for the highest high-end requirements.

The 2477 is a cable with efficient dual-coax design made of highly conductive Neglex I OFC copper. This achieves an extremely low capacitance of only 550 pF/m, these values guarantee an absolutely clear and undistorted signal transmission that is second to none.

no. of conductor: 2
color: black
DC resistance: 8 mOhm/m (Inner Conductor) / 6 mOhm/m (Outer Conductor)
impedance: 16 Ohm
inner conductor: Details: 44 x 0,26 mm Neglex I OFC
insulation: PVC
2. insulation: XLPE
capacity (1 kHz, 20°C): 550 pF/m
cable diameter: 8 mm
cable no.: 2477
jacket material: PVC
shielding: Details: 60x 0,26 mm Neglex I OFC
applicable temperature: -20°C - +70°C