Mogami 2919-00, High Definition Professional Speaker Cable, 6x 2,5 mm²

Colour black, Ø 12,8 mm, 100m roll
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Colour black, Ø 12,8 mm, 100m roll more
  • Super flexible studio speaker cable
  • State-of-the-art tri-amp system
  • Flexible and convenient to install
  • Bulk
Professional speaker cable from Mogami, roll Cable: Mogami 2919 | Tri-Amp | Black... more

Professional speaker cable from Mogami, roll

  • Cable: Mogami 2919 | Tri-Amp | Black
  • Oxygen free copper
  • 100 Meter roll

Mogami is the premium manufacturer when it comes to professional cables! - Cables made with passion in Japan

Speaker cables for installation and live events

The MOGAMI speaker cable 2919 is equally suitable for sound reinforcement applications as well as in studio construction (e.g. cinema mixing).

It was originally developed for the transmission of maximum power in state-of-the-art tri-amp systems.
The 2919 is characterized by an accurate and transparent sound image. The cable combines robustness and high flexibility for demanding professional applications.

Each conductor consists of many strands of the famous MOGAMI 'NEGLEX' oxygen-free copper in a color-coded PVC insulation. A robust, flat, matte black, super-flexible PVC jacket protects the cables.

no. of conductor: 6
color: black
DC resistance: Inner Conductor: 0,008 Ohm/m
inner conductor: Details: 7 x 32 x 0,12 OFC / Size: 2,53 mm² (AWG14)
insulation: Ov. Dia.: 3,4 mm / Material: PVC / Colors: Brown/Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Black
capacity (1 kHz, 20°C): adjacent: 102 pF/m / oppositely: 62 pF/m
cable diameter: 12,5 mm
cable no.: 2972
jacket material: Flexible PVC
applicable temperature: -20°C - +60°C
Weight: 54,00 kg