Mogami 2803 HiFi cable, Ø 3,6mm

2803-00, colour black, bulk stock

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2803-00, colour black, bulk stock more
  • Selected dielectrics with very good dielectric behavior
  • High resolution cable with high detail 
  • For the most demanding HiFi applications 
  • Patented double cylindrical structure 
  • Neglex III PCOCC conductor material 
  • Dual coax design
Professionall HiFi cable Mogami, bulk ware Serie: HiFi-Reference Cable: Mogami 2803,... more

Professionall HiFi cable Mogami, bulk ware

  • Serie: HiFi-Reference
  • Cable: Mogami 2803, black
  • Bulk ware

"Mogami by Lake People" - cables made with passion in Japan and assembled with highest precision in Germany.

HiFi Series

The 2803 is aimed at music lovers with the highest demands, who prefer an extremely high-resolution and particularly balanced sound image. For many years, this legendary cable has been supplied by renowned manufacturers as an OEM cable with their products and used by recording studios worldwide.
The Mogami 2803 is always the right choice when it comes to high quality cable.

For home cinema enthusiasts and studio professionals

The cable offers a vivid, original sound image, without any coloration and has excellent dynamics, coupled with a well-separated, deep and wide sound image. It is known for its excellent resolution of micro details.
Despite being such a resolving cable, it does not emphasize or suppress any part of the audio spectrum. It delivers clear brilliance in both the lower and upper octaves, and a fuller midrange. The highs are brilliant, and the bass has power and wonderful tonality.

Technical Details
The NIII-2803 is very flexible, with a relatively small diameter of 3.6 mm. It features a patented dual cylindrical structure.
The dual-coax design is made of highly conductive Neglex III PCOCC copper. This achieves an extremely low capacitance of only 108 pF/m, these values guarantee an absolutely clear and undistorted signal transmission that is second to none.

The identical HiFi cable Mogami 2497 has a diameter of 8.0 mm.
no. of conductor: 2
color: black
impedance: 50 Ohm
capacity (1 kHz, 20°C): 108pF/m
cable diameter: Ø 3,6 mm
cable no.: 2803
length: 50 Meter