MicW N201

Kondensatormikrofon, Kugel, 1/2" Nickelmembrane, hohe Auflösung

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Omnidirectional Microphone with transparent preamplifier The N201 is an omnidirectional... more

Omnidirectional Microphone with transparent preamplifier

The N201 is an omnidirectional microphone that uses a 1/2" nickel diaphragm with a fully transparent preamplifier.

With its high-quality preamplifier, it delivers a very natural, transparent sound image with very high impulse fidelity. The diaphragm, which is only 5µm thin and mounted in a stainless steel housing, is tensioned by hand in the finishing process and optimized for the best possible transmission

A modern microphone for professional recordings
It is suitable for the most critical recording applications requiring extreme performance and environmental stability. The N201 has a flat frequency response from 20 Hz to 20k Hz.
With a very low noise floor of 18 dB (A) and a maximum SPL of 130dB, the N201 is the perfect partner for high-pulse, fine-detail, natural recordings.

The N201 comes with a range of acoustic accessories - directional modifiers and protective grilles. 

Also available as a measured, matched stereo pair with extremely small deviations (sensitivity max. 0.5dB / phase max. 5 degrees).
dimensions: 19 x 157 mm (ø x L)
connections: Mic Out, XLR male
output impedance: < 75 Ohm
equivalent noise level: < 18 dB (IEC 268-4 A-gewichtet)
sensitivity: 40 mV/Pa
color: black
capsule diameter: 12,7 mm
max. SPL: 135 dB
microphone type: small diaphragm condenser microphone
signal-to-noise ratio (SNR): 76 dB (Ref. 1 Pa A-gewichtet)
polar pattern: omnidirectional
power supply: 48 V (phantom power)
frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Weight: 0,80 kg

1x MicW N201 Microphone
1x Shockmount
1x Windscreen
1x manual
1x Stable Case