Mogami MPGIT1000BL

Platinum Edition, silentPLUG Guitar Cable, 10m

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Platinum Edition, silentPLUG Guitar Cable, 10m more
  • Best transmission quality for passive and active instruments
  • Rugged, lightweight and flexible design
  • NEUTRIK Silent jack plug permits plugging without "plop" noises
  • Extremely tight spiral shield
  • High grade PE insulation
  • 2-layer shielding made of conductive carbon PVC
  • Very low cable noise and microphonic effects
  • Oxygen-free copper
  • Very low cable capacitance
  • Large inner conductor with 50 x 0.12mm cores
Instrument cable needs to be quiet when handled, tough enough to withstand use, and still... more
Instrument cable needs to be quiet when handled, tough enough to withstand use, and still preserve the character of the performance of quality instruments. Designing and building instrument cable is a delicate balance between these characteristics of tonal purity and detail, flexibility, ruggedness, and ultimately price.

What could be accomplished if sound quality was placed above all else but not at the expense of others? Mogami answered this challenge with cable we call Platinum, the most neutral, dynamic cable made. Like all Mogami cable, the sound emerges from a silent background, but with more dynamics, frequency extension and detail than anything before it. A larger diameter cable, Mogami Platinum is flexible enough for the most active performers yet rugged enough for road use with reasonable handling. It's why so many of today's top touring bands trust only Mogami Platinum.

The beautiful tones of an acoustic guitar, or any instrument, should never be altered. That's why Mogami Platinum Guitar/Instrument cable is designed to be 100% transparent. This large diameter instrument cable is ultra rugged and surprisingly flexible. From the first strum of your acoustic, you'll be astonished by the accuracy and absolutely drop-dead silent background.

color: black
jacket material: Flexible PVC
length: 10 m
no. of conductor: 1
cable diameter: 8,0 mm
capacity (1 kHz, 20°C): Conductor-Shield: 74 pF/m
Shielding: Spiral Shield (95/0,18 OFC)
applicable temperature: -20°C - +60°C
connector: 6,3 mm plug (Neutrik NP2X-AU-SILENT), 6,3 mm plug (Neutrik NP2X-B)
cable no.: 3302
insulation: Material: CPE | Farbe: klar
2. insulation: Material: Carbon PVC (2-fach) | Farbe: schwarz
DC resistance: Innenleiter: 0,033 Ohm/m | Abschirmung: 0,024 Ohm/m
inner conductor: Aufbau: 50 x 0,12 OFC | Größe: 0,56 mm² (AWG20) zusätzliche chicht aus leitendem PE
Weight: 0,95 kg
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