FERROFISH always energized - redundant power supplies

Nothing works without electricity. This fact is especially crucial for studio equipment and other professional applications, where even short-term failures can lead to fatal consequences and destroy hours or even days of hard work. For this reason, a redundant power supply is essential for reliable, trouble-free operation. Therefore, all FERROFISH products come with redundant power supplies for a maximum of reliability under all circumstances.

Two power inlets, permanently monitored

FERROFISH devices feature two independent 12V/3A power connectors, which are permanently controlled by a special monitoring circuit. In case of failure, these are switched automatically, so a continuous, trouble-free operation without interruption is ensured. Additionally, a warning message is shown on the display, so the problem can immediately be recognized and solved. Secured by union nuts, the power connectors cannot be accidentally detached.

External power supply units for easy maintenance and reliable operation

FERROFISH products are powered by external power supply units, and that was a well-considered decision. On the one hand, this makes maintenance easy and allows a quick change in case of failure. Instead of sending the entire unit to our service department, it is only necessary to get another power supply unit. Since 12V power supply units are readily available around the world, a quick and easy solution will be possible anywhere. On the other hand, the use of external power supplies offers maximum flexibility for “in the field” applications.

Power supply with car batteries for outstanding reliability

The use of external 12V power supply units offers an additional option, which ensures additional security and allows safe operation even at locations where regular power outlets aren’t easily accessible: It is possible to use a standard 12V car battery as power source. The car battery can also be used as a redundant, uninterruptible power supply in conjunction with the regular 12V power supply unit. Even an extensive power outage won’t interrupt the operation of the FERROFISH unit, since the power supply will be switched to the mains-independent battery without any interruption - the ultimate way of operational safety!

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