cma audio takes over European distribution for MARIAN: PCIe DSP audio systems for professional audio and industry clients

Planegg, 23rd October 2018 – As of 1st November 2018, Leipzig-based company MARIAN relies on cm audio, based in Planegg near Munich, for the Europe-wide distribution of its high-quality PCIe DSP audio systems. The partnership between the successful manufacturer and the accomplished distributor is the perfect match: With an extensive network and many years of experience, cma audio will support MARIAN in continuing the success story that already spans more than two decades. At the same time, the MARIAN PCIe audio cards are an important addition to the pro audio portfolio of cma audio.

A leading manufacturer of PCIe audio cards
Besides RME, MARIAN is one of the leading manufacturers of PCIe audio cards. The line-up includes analogue, ADAT, AES/EBU and MADI cards. Uncompromising quality is always the focus – just take the fact that MARIAN offers the only MADI PCIe cards with sample rates of up to 384 kHz, making them the perfect match for reference-class high-end converters such as the DAD AX32. Long-term viability is another cornerstone: All cards receive regular updates for firmware and software drivers to always keep them up-to-date.

Ideal solutions for industry and pro audio
In addition to audio professionals, MARIAN also caters to industry clients that use their PCIe DSP audio systems. For example, they are utilised in medicine, security and research. MARIAN also offers tailor-made OEM solutions for different fields, including broadcast, music production, post production as well as transportation. Among those OEM clients are well-known organisations such as EADS Germany, MDOUK Broadcast and Ultra Electronics (UK). “We are excited to add an innovative and renowned partner such as MARIAN to our distribution portfolio”, explains Christof Mallmann, General Manager of the cma audio GmbH. “Because of the combination of their high-quality PCIe DSP audio systems and our distribution experience, we look forward to a successful future.”

DSP software “The BEAST” and TDM SyncBus
At the core of MARIAN audio systems sits “The BEAST” – a powerful DSP. It combines multi-track recording and simultaneous latency-free mixing with professional features like Phase, Pre/Post Aux, Mute, Solo and Pre/Post Level. 64 channels with resolutions of 32bit per channel and a 52bit mixing engine plus 256 full-parametric EQs with analogue feel inside offer everything the heart desires. Also worth mentioning is the TDM SyncBus: It combines up to four MARIAN audio systems in one computer. This allows for sharing inputs/outputs as well as audio streams and ensures perfect clock synchronisation.

Discover the MARIAN products
MARIAN products are available through specialised retail partners as well as the cma audio inline shop. on Facebook