Mogami 2964 superflexible subminiature coaxial cable, 75 Ohm

colour green, Ø 4,8 mm, 50m roll
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colour green, Ø 4,8 mm, 50m roll more
  • Special video cable for BNC connectors
  • Two spiral shields
  • Extremely flexible
Digital Video/Audio - Professional Coaxial Cable from Mogami, roll Kabel: Mogami 2964... more

Digital Video/Audio - Professional Coaxial Cable from Mogami, roll

  • Kabel: Mogami 2964 Neglex High-Definition, digital, coaxial, green
  • Serie: Digital
  • 50 meters roll

Mogami is the premium manufacturer when it comes to professional cables! - Cables made with passion in Japan.

High quality video cable

The 2964 is perfect for creating long and short runs for video signals with BNC connectors. It has a diameter of only 4.8 mm and is extremely flexible.

The technical parameters are exactly designed for the transmission of high frequency word clock, MADI and video signals. The impedance of 75 ohms is guaranteed with a tolerance of only ±10%.

Double spiral shielding protects extremely effectively against interference.

The 2964 is also available assembled with high quality Tajimi BNC connectors in different lengths!

Mogami is the premium cable manufacturer
Professional musicians and sound engineers worldwide, on stage or in the studio, rely on Mogami cables. The extremely high demands on video- audio quality and durability on the one hand and being flexible, robust and economical on the other hand can almost exclusively be met by Mogami..

Mogami's special cable design produces incredibly low noise and low-loss performance. A cable of this quality extremely enhances an important component of your signal chain.

color: green
DC resistance: Inner Conductor: 0,083 Ohm/m / Shield Conductor: 0,012 Ohm/m
durability: 16.000
impedance: 75 Ohm ±10 %
inner conductor: Details: 20 x 0,12 OFC / Size: 0,23 mm² (AWG24)
insulation: Ov. Dia.: 2,65 mm / Material: XLCPE / Color: White
capacity (1 kHz, 20°C): 57 pF/m
capsule diameter: 4,8 mm
jacket material: PVC
shielding: Spiral Shield (72/0,12 OFC)
2. shield: Spiral Shield (66/0,12 OFC)
Weight: 3,40 kg