Mogami GIT1000BL

colour black, 10 Meter


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colour black, 10 Meter more
  • Best transmission quality for passive and active instruments
  • Rugged, lightweight and flexible design
  • NEUTRIK Silent jack plug permits plugging without "plop" noises
  • Extremely tight spiral shield
  • High grade PE insulation
  • 2-layer shielding made of conductive carbon PVC
  • Very low cable noise and microphonic effects
  • Oxygen-free copper
  • Very low cable capacitance
  • Large inner conductor with 50 x 0.12mm cores
silentPLUG guitar cable Neutrik NP2C-AU-SILENT jack, "silent switch", gold plated contacts, red... more

silentPLUG guitar cable
Neutrik NP2C-AU-SILENT jack, "silent switch", gold plated contacts, red coating <> Neutrik NP2X-B jack, black chrome plated housing, gold plated contacts. Mogami 3368 Low Noise Guitar Cable, black, coaxial

"Mogami by Lake People" cables made with passion made in Japan and assembled with highest precision in Germany

When only the best is good enough! The Platinum Series guitar cable from MOGAMI transmits every nuance of the instrument and all the emotions of the music, without any discoloration. The elaborate electromechanical construction guarantees the greatest possible transparency and richness of detail due to an extremely low capacitance of just 70 pF/m!

In addition to the OFC spiral shield against electromagnetic interference, two further shields made of conductive plastic (Carbon PVC) prevent mechanical noise very effectively. As a guitarist you can move freely without worrying that a step on the cable will disturb your playing and distort your sound. The acknowledged best guitar cable with silentPLUG from Neutrik! With this plug the guitar can be connected without humming and popping. With a special focus on the needs of electric guitarists, Mogami has added an extremely robust guitar cable to its product range.

Best sound, best performance.

color: black
jacket material: Flexible PVC
length: 10 m
no. of conductor: 1
cable diameter: 8,0 mm
capacity (1 kHz, 20°C): Conductor-Shield: 74 pF/m
Shielding: Spiral Shield (95/0,18 OFC)
applicable temperature: -20°C - +60°C
connector: 6,3 mm plug (Neutrik NP2X-AU-SILENT), 6,3 mm plug (Neutrik NP2X-B)
cable no.: 3302
insulation: Material: CPE | Farbe: klar
2. insulation: Material: Carbon PVC (2-fach) | Farbe: schwarz
DC resistance: Innenleiter: 0,033 Ohm/m | Abschirmung: 0,024 Ohm/m
inner conductor: Aufbau: 50 x 0,12 OFC | Größe: 0,56 mm² (AWG20) zusätzliche chicht aus leitendem PE
Weight: 0,95 kg