Mogami AES1000BL

colour black, 10 Meter

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colour black, 10 Meter more
  • Best impulse response
  • Enhanced and transparent signal transmission
  • Extremely dense spiral shield
  • Stabilisation fibres inside
  • Additional ground wire
  • Very low cable capacitance
  • Designed for AES/EBU and DMX signals up to 300m
  • Pure copper
  • Very flexible
  • Inner conductor with a size of 0.95mm²
AES/EBU-Kabel, 110 Ohm, XLR Male - XLR Female Neutrik NC3MXX-B XLR Male Neutrik NC3FXX-B XLR... more

AES/EBU-Kabel, 110 Ohm, XLR Male - XLR Female
Neutrik NC3MXX-B XLR Male <> Neutrik NC3FXX-B XLR Female, schwarz-verchromte Gehäuse, goldbeschichtete Kontakte. Mogami 3080 110 Ohm AES/EBU Digital Audio Kabel, schwarz, symmetrisch

"Mogami by Lake People" cables made with passion made in Japan and assembled with highest precision in Germany

The Digital Cable 3080 from Mogami is optimized for the transmission of digital audio signals according to the AES/EBU standard. The required impedance of 110 Ohm is guaranteed with a tolerance of only ±5%.
The capacity of the cable is even smaller than that of analog cables - an insider tip even for analog high-end connections.

color: black
cable no.: 3080
capacity (1 kHz, 20°C): 46 pF/m (@ 1 Khz, 20°C)
inner conductor: Aufbau: 7 x 0,18 A | Größe: 0,18 mm² (AWG25)
attenuation: 0,069 dB/m (@ 6 MHz)
durability: 10.000 cycles
DC resistance: Innenleiter: 0,11 Ohm/m | Abschirmung: 0,02 Ohm/m
insulation: Durchmesser: 1,5 mm | Material: XLPE | Farbe: rot/klar
connector: XLR female (Neutrik NC3FXX-B), XLR male (Neutrik NC3MXX-B)
jacket material: Flexible PVC
applicable temperature: -20°C - +60°C
impedance: 110 Ohm ±5 %
Shielding: Spiral Shield (90 x 0,10 A)
cable diameter: 5,0mm
no. of conductor: 2
length: 10 m
drain wire: Aufbau: 7 x 0,18 TA | Größe: 0,178 mm² (AWG25)
Weight: 0,50 kg