Mogami BO25MXLR4M4F3Y

colour black, 3 Meter


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colour black, 3 Meter more
  • Sehr flexibles und kompaktes Design
  • Auch bei niedrigen Temperaturen flexibel und gut isoliert.
  • 110 Ohm Multicore AES/EBU DIGITAL AUDIO-Kabel.
  • Einfache Verkabelung mit Hilfe der gleichen Leiterquerschnitte für die Beilaufllitze.
  • Einfaches Kabelader-Identifizierungssystem durch Nummerierung und Widerstandsfarbkodierung.
  • Zellulares Polypropylen (CPP) Isolationsmaterial ermöglicht einen größerer Leiterquerschnitt mit geringeren Dämpfung.
Digital-Multicore D-Sub25 - 4x XLR Male, 4x XLR Female D-Sub 25-pin 4 x Neutrik NC3MXX-B XLR... more

Digital-Multicore D-Sub25 - 4x XLR Male, 4x XLR Female
D-Sub 25-pin <> 4 x Neutrik NC3MXX-B XLR Male & 4 x Neutrik NC3FXX-B XLR Female, digital Tascam format, black chrome housing, gold contacts. Mogami 3162 Multipair Digital Cable, black

"Mogami by Lake People" cables made with passion made in Japan and assembled with highest precision in Germany

The 8x Multicore 3162 from Mogami is optimized for the transmission of digital audio signals according to the AES/EBU standard. The required impedance of 110 Ohm is guaranteed with a tolerance of only ±10%. A low capacitive resistance, selected materials such as CPP Cellular Polypropylene and an extra ground conductor also ensure excellent electrical properties with uncomplicated cable handling.

connector: D-Sub25, XLR female (Neutrik NC3FXX-B), XLR male (Neutrik NC3MXX-B)
insulation: Ov. Dia: 1,4 mm / Material: CPP / Color: Resistor Colorcode/green
Warranty: 10 Years
cable no.: 3162
capacity (1 kHz, 20°C): 46 pF/m
DC resistance: Inner Conductor: 0,081 Ohm/m / Shield: 0,021 Ohm/m
shielding: Spiral Shield (90 x 0,10A )
drain wire: Details: 7 x 0,20 A / Size: 0,22 mm² (AWG24)
2. insulation: Ov. Dia: 3,3 mm / Material: Flexible PVC / Color: Black
attenuation: 0,065 dB/m (@ 6 MHz)
color: black
inner conductor: Details: 7 x 0,20 A / Size: 0,22 mm² (AWG24)
jacket material: Flexible PVC
applicable temperature: -20°C - +70°C
cable diameter: 13,8 mm
impedance: 110 Ohm ±10 %
no. of conductor: 8 x 2
length: 3 Meter
Weight: 1,00 kg