FERROFISH – advanced audio applications

Based in the idyllic town of Linz on the banks of the Rhine river, Ferrofish specialises in offering first-class audio equipment at exceedingly attractive prices. Its A16 MKII set new standards in its class: Never before had a converter deploying MADI, a previously premium-price technology, been offered at such an affordable price point. Its success led to customer requests for higher channel capacity, implemented by Ferrofish’s engineers in its A32 model. But this was only the first chapter in the Ferrofish success story. Following a complete redesign of the AD and DA sections, Ferrofish also added a range of new features including four TFT level readouts, simplified handling, provision of the mixdown signal on the headphone output and an Analog Devices Sharc DSP for virtually latency-free audio processing within the device. 

The B4000+ is yet another exciting Ferrofish product, providing an extremely compact, well-built and versatile organ expander module with an impressively realistic Hammond emulation. It embodies the Ferrofish philosophy, being simple to use and providing superlative sound quality at an attractive price.

NEW: Ferrofish A32 DANTE

The A32 DANTE offers two additional RJ.45 connectors that allow the seamless integration of 64 inputs and outputs into an existing DANTE network. Alternatively, the A32 DANTE can be used as a 64-channel audio interface thanks to the Dante Virtual Soundcard, with 32 channels  of analogue I/O, up to 7 separate submixes, a 384-channel routing matrix encompassing all inputs and outputs, DSP FX and a headphone output. Its intuitive user interface, redundancy options and versatile submixing and routing capabilities make the A32 DANTE an indispensable component of any DANTE system.