PMC 6-2 Stereopaar - 3-Ways Monitor

Aktiver 3-Wege Monitor


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Aktiver 3-Wege Monitor more
  • Aktiver 3-Wege-Nahfeld-Referenzmonitor mit ATL™-Basslast
  • DSP-Frequenzweiche, Treiberschutz, EQ und Verzögerungs-/Polaritätsoptionen
  • Hochmoderne Class-D-Verstärker: HF 400W, MF 400W, LF 2x 400W
  • Analoger / AES3-Digitaleingang (16/24-Bit, 18 -192 kHz Abtastrate)
  • SoundAlign™-Netzwerksteuerung für Einzel- oder Gruppen-EQ
  • Frequenzgang: 33Hz - 25kHz (- 3dB @1m Vollraum, on-axis)
  • Digitaler "Thru-Output" (AES3 24-bit 96kHz)
  • Max. cont. SPL: 109dB @1m
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A serious near/midfield monitoring tool that fits easily within any control room or immersive... more
A serious near/midfield monitoring tool that fits easily within any control room or immersive system, unmatched in its outstanding clarity.

The PMC6-2 provides main-monitor scale, depth, and dynamics, and allows mix decisions to be made quickly, with absolute certainty and without fatigue.

This 3-way active monitor speaker combines two custom 6-inch ultra-long-throw bass-drivers with our radically engineered PMC55 2-inch soft-dome mid-range unit and a precision-built one-inch soft-dome tweeter. The PMC55’s distinctive ‘N-compass’ waveguide enhances the wide dispersion and remarkable mid-range projection of the driver; in combination with the high performance of the tweeter, the result is an ultra-wide and stable image, with a smooth and natural in-room response.

Each bass driver is individually powered by a cutting-edge 400W Class-D amplifier and seamlessly integrated by our sophisticated, highly accurate DSP-based crossovers. As with the PMC6, the monitor is configured using rear-panel controls or the browser-based SoundAlign™ software, with comprehensive boundary and EQ options.

The PMC6-2 offers astonishing size-to-performance ratio thanks to its ATL™ bass-loading technology, which results in exceptional LF extension and consistent tonal balance at all listening levels. Our Laminair™ airflow technology, visible in the monitor’s hexagonal vent ducts, further reduces colouration and enhances dynamics and efficiency.