Chord Electronics Mojo 2

Headphone Amplifier, Portable DAC

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Headphone Amplifier, Portable DAC more
  • World's first lossless UHD DSP 
  • USB-C interface 
  • New menu system via the fourth control ball 
  • Improved FPGA, resulting in higher performance and efficiency 
  • Improved battery management, resulting in larger capacity and intelligent desktop mode 
  • Expandable with Chord Electronics Poly Streamer
The award-winning headphone amplifier in the second generation. Brilliant headphone amplifier... more

The award-winning headphone amplifier in the second generation.

Brilliant headphone amplifier for on the go.

The Chord Mojo 2 does not use any cheap standard components but focuses on high-end in all areas. Even the high-quality, black anodized aluminum housingzeugt testifies to absolute quality and technology.
The unusual menu buttons feel great and change color depending on function and setting.

Chord Electronics' FPGA-based portable Mojo 2 is a next-generation D/A converter and headphone amplifier. It builds on the multi-award winning Mojo with exciting new features and improved performance.

Even more flexible sound
The novel, custom-programmed chipset offers unmatched technical performance and unparalleled sound quality. The in-house developed WTA filters guarantee exceptionally precise playback.

The new Mojo 2 allows you to better adjust your personal preferences and requirements. To output sound more individually, a four-band equalizer offers four predefined frequency ranges. A new three-stage crossfeed creates amazing spatial sound.

Five digital inputs
A new feature is the USB-C port via which, for example, a smartphone can be connected as a music source. In addition, there is still the microUSB, an optical S/PDIF and a coaxial S/PDIF interface. The integrated battery is charged via another microUSB port.
New menu function with advanced UHD DSP, plus five digital inputs, including USB-C.

Two pairs of headphones can be connected simultaneously, for shared listening, via the two powerful 3.5mm stereo mini-jack jacks.

Other new features
The expanded and improved menu with signature light-up buttons allows for more extensive customization to suit personal preferences. Among other things, a mute function, switching the crossfeed setting, a key lock and lossless sound control.
The improved battery, charges faster, lasts longer and heats up less. 
dimensions: 83 x 62 x 22,9 mm
color: black
port: USB-C
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