Lake People DAT RS 05

Digital Audio Tool

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  • Wordclock: Phasenjitter < 10 x 10-12 s (Picosekunden)
  • FEMTO Clock optional: Phasenjitter < 90 x 10-15 s (Femtosekunden)
  • Resampler: wandelt digitale Audiodaten auf eine andere Sample-Rate
  • Reclocker: frischt die Sample-Rate und das digitale Signal auf
  • Jitter Eliminator: entfernt restlos störenden Jitter
  • Format Converter: wandelt symmetrische, unsymmetrische, optische Audio-Daten normgerecht
  • Digitaler Lautstärkeregler: regelt per Poti die digitale Lautstärke
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The REFERENCE SERIES from Lake People covers absolutely high-level audio products with outstanding features, best technical data and perfect craftsmanship.

The Digital Audio Tool DAT RS 05 is a clock generator, reclocker and format converter for optimizing the digital data stream. The internal clock polishes digital signals and eliminates jitter with precision in the picosecond range. Optionally, the DAT RS 05 can be equipped with a femto clock, which brings the jitter into the femtosecond range according to its name and thus practically eliminates it. For conversion of different signal types and sampling rates, one of up to four digital inputs (AES 3 via XLR, S/PDIF or AES 3id via Cinch, optically via TOSLINK, optionally USB) is transmitted to all outputs simultaneously. A big special feature is the potentiometer on the front to adjust the volume. This makes it possible to adjust the listening level of loudspeakers with digital direct inputs without any problems. This adjustment can also be remote controlled on request. A corresponding upgrade motorises the potentiometer and allows control via remote control.

bit depth: 24 Bit
sample rate: max. 192 kHz
Wordclock I/O: 1
SPDIF I/O: 1 / 1 (RCA)
AES/EBU I/O: 1 / 1 (XLR)
housing: Desktop
port: USB (optional)
input sensitivity: 200 mV
dimensions: 169 x 42 x 170 mm (BxHxT)
additional features: optionale Fernbedienung, USB Schnittstelle und Femto-Clock verfügbar
signal-to-noise ratio (SNR): > 138 dB
THD: < -137 dB
power supply: Internal 230 V / 115 V AC
TOSLink I/O: 1 / 1
input impedance: 75 Ohm (SPDIF) | 110 Ohm (AES/EBU)
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