Prism Sound Titan

Multi-track USB2 Recording Interface 4 Mic , 1HE


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Multi-track USB2 Recording Interface 4 Mic , 1HE more
  • Eight balanced line input channels and eight balanced line output channels, which can also be used in unbalanced mode
  • Switchable between professional (+4dBu) and consumer (-10dBu) signal levels for each section
  • Four input channels have selectable microphone preamplifiers with combo jacks
  • Two channels have selectable Hi-Z unbalanced instrumrnts input jacks
  • S/PDIF digital I/O in RCA or TOSLINK format. AES3 signals can be connected to the RCA connectors
  • Alternatively ADAT I/O via the TOSLINK connectors
  • High-quality sample rate converter for the S/PDIF Input or output
  • Two dedicated stereo analogue headphone output, with two stereo headphone jacks, each with its own level control
  • New optional Prism Sound MDIO (multi-channel digital IO) expansion slot, which allows additional and future host interface formats to be accommodated
  • Windows WDM or ASIO Drivers for Windows Vista and later
  • Core Audio device drivers for Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • Fully-featured mixer for each output channel pair (including digital, ADAT and headphones) for low latency mixes of any input channel
  • The mixer can be controlled from suitably-equipped DAW software via ASIO Direct Monitoring (ADM)
  • Free assingable front-panel volume control for any desired analogue or digital outpus, primarily for use as a stereo or surround monitoring control
  • High stability internal clock generator
  • External synchronisation to Wordclock ( BNC connectors), stereo digital source or ADAT inputs
  • Clock Out via S/PDIF output and BNC Wordclock connector
  • BNC Wordclock Output can also be set to Baseclock or Superclock mode
  • Ethernet port reserved for future use
housing: 19" / 1 HE
headphone Out: 2
Line I/O: 8 / 8 (TRS)
inputs / outputs: 8 / 8
Mic Input: 4
system requirements: Intel Mac OS X 10.6 oder höher, Windows (7 or higher)
power supply: Internal, 110 V - 240 V AC
port: USB 2.0
bit depth: 24 Bit
Instr/Hi-Z input: 2
Samplerate Converter (SRC): yes
SPDIF I/O: 1 / 1 (RCA)
ADAT I/O: 1 / 1 (TOSLink)
Wordclock I/O: 1
sample rate: max. 192 kHz
dimensions: (WxHxD) 4830mm x 44,5mm x 290mm
Weight: 6,40 kg
  • 1x Printed manual
  • 1x Software CD
  • 1x IEC mains lead
  • 1 pair of19" Rackmount ears
  • 1x Allen key (for rack ears)
  • 1x USB lead
  • 1x XLR-F to RCA-M adaptor (S/PDIF/AES3)
  • 1x XLR-M to RCA-M adaptor (S/PDIF/AES3)
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