Mogami PATCH0045BL

colour black, 0,45 Meter

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colour black, 0,45 Meter more
  • Zweite Abschirmung aus leitfähigem Carbon-PVC
  • Detaillierte und verfärbungsarme Übertragung
  • Großer Innenleiter mit 50 x 0,12mm Adern
  • Wenig Kabelgeräusche und Mikrofonie
  • Robuster mechanisches Design
  • Erweiterter Dynamikbereich
  • Sehr dichter Spiralschirm
  • Sauerstofffreies Kupfer
Guitar Pedal Patch Cord Amphenol ACPM-RB-AU Jack right-angled Amphenol ACPM-RB-AU... more

Guitar Pedal Patch Cord

  • Amphenol ACPM-RB-AU Jack right-angled <> Amphenol ACPM-RB-AU Jack right-angled, black chrome plated housing, gold plated contacts. Mogami 2524 High Impedance Transmission Cable, black, coaxial

"Mogami by Lake People" cables made with passion made in Japan and assembled with highest precision in Germany


The patch cords use the MOGAMI 2524 instrument cable and feature an inner conductor construction of 50 single wires, which guarantees highest flexibility and durability. The used high purity copper (OFC) guarantees highest signal fidelity.


The extremely dense spiral shielding and an extra shielding made of carbon PVC effectively prevent electromagnetic interference and mechanical noise. The narrow Amphenol Audio 6.3 mm angled jack plugs provide a safe place on the effect board.

color: black
DC resistance: Inner Conductor: 0,033 Ohm/m / Shield: 0,014 Ohm/m
durability: 15.000 cycles
inner conductor: Details: 50 x 0,12 OFC / Size: 0,56 mm² (AWG20)
insulation: Ov. Dia.: 1,6 mm / Material: PE / Color: Clear
capacity (1 kHz, 20°C): Inner Conductor-Shield: 130 pF/m
cable diameter: 6 mm
cable no.: 2524
length: 0,25 Meter
jacket material: Flexible PVC
shielding: Spiral Shield (57/0.18 OFC)
2. shield: Ov. Dia.: 3,4 mm / Material: Carbon PVC / Color: Black
connector: 6,3 mm right-angle plug (Amphenol Audio ACPM-RB-AU)
applicable temperature: -20°C - +60°C
Weight: 0,10 kg