Mogami RCARCAD0050BL

colour black, 0,5 Meter

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colour black, 0,5 Meter more
  • Optimiert für den Dauereinsatz
  • Stabiler mechanischer Aufbau
  • Gold beschichtete Kontakte
  • Dichter Geflechtschirm
  • Stabile Zugentlastung
  • Reine Kupferleiter
  • Extrem flexibel
HiFi cable stereo, Cinch - Cinch 2 x Neutrik NF2C-B/2 Cinch 2 x Neutrik NF2C-B/2 Cinch,... more

HiFi cable stereo, Cinch - Cinch
2 x Neutrik NF2C-B/2 Cinch <> 2 x Neutrik NF2C-B/2 Cinch, black chrome plated housing with red/black marking ring, gold plated contacts. Mogami 3106 cable, black, balanced

"Mogami by Lake People" cables made with passion made in Japan and assembled with highest precision in Germany

The HiFi Universal Cable uses the 3106, the stereo version of the NEGLEX 2549 from Mogami. The ultrapure OFC used as material for the signal conductor and shield guarantees an extremely low cable capacitance and the best possible shielding against interference. In addition, two PE monofilaments ensure that the distance between the wires remains constant, thus ensuring an even field strength distribution over the entire cable. The result is a discoloration-free and detailed reproduction of your music.

The Mogami ProSeries offers professional specification and outstanding sound quality that professionals worldwide have relied on for decades.

no. of conductor: 2 x 2
color: black
Warranty: 10 Years
DC resistance: Inner Conductor: 0,083 Ohm/m / Shield: 0,021 Ohm/m
durability: 100.000 cycles
inner conductor: Details: 20 x 0,12 OFC / Size: 0,226 mm² (AWG24)
insulation: Ov. Dia.: 1,6 mm / Material: XLPE / Color: blue/clear
capacity (1 kHz, 20°C): Conductor-Shield: 77 pF/m / Conductor-Conductor: 10 pF/m
cable diameter: 2 x 4,8 mm
cable no.: 2534
length: 0,5 Meter
jacket material: PVC
shielding: Spiral Shield (80/0,12 A)
connector: RCA (Neutrik NF2C-B)
applicable temperature: -20°C - +70°C
Weight: 0,20 kg