OEAudio 2DualCPS USB-C MMCX (male) Cable

transparent, 1,2 Meter
OEAudio 2DualCPS USB-C MMCX (male) Cable

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2Dual represents the structure of the cable. The conductors are Teflon coated and accurately... more

2Dual represents the structure of the cable. The conductors are Teflon coated and accurately twisted, covered with medical grade TPU sheath, and twisted again.

The structure has the advantage of:

  1. Effectively shielding interference from both internal and external electrical signals.
  2. Preventing the conductors from being oxidised.
  3. Precious optics combined with flexibility and softness make the cable a comfortable companion.

Concentric Stranded Conductors are constructed with a central core wire, surrounded by one or more layers of helically laid wires. Oxygen-free, high-precision processing completely eliminates cable contamination. This high grade manufacturing process is in every step and every product of OEAudio.

Durch eine sauerstofffreie und hochpräzise Verarbeitung werden Verunreinigungen der Kabel gänzlich ausgeschlossen. Dieser höchste Herstellungs-Standard steckt in jeder Sequenz der Produktion und somit auch in jedem Produkt von OEAudio.

Silver as a cable material has the highest conductivity at normal temperatures and the specially smoothed surface of the silver veins creates an energetic, airy, balanced and extremely precise sound image.

The clarity and purity of sound is always the first impression that the 2DualCPS makes on its users. The resolution of the music is unique and outstanding. Even the finest nuances of the recordings can be projected due to the technological methods used by OE Audio during the production process.

Thanks to the structure of the cable, the sound stage and spatiality is unsurpassed. Voices are reproduced naturally, musical instruments experience a clear depth gradation, the bass is precisely fast and powerful.

Device connections available:

  • Lightning Type C
  • 3,5 mm
  • 2,5 mm balanced
  • 4,4 mm balanced

Earphone connections available:

  • MMCX
  • 2 Pin

The Lightning plug is Apple original, not from 3rd party manufacturers. And the Type-C plug has been THX certificated with high sound performance.

color: transparent
length: 1,2 Meter
connector: MMCX, USB Typ-C
Weight: 0,10 kg