IsoAcoustics F1 Speaker Jack

komfortable Hilfe für Montage von Lautsprecherfüssen
IsoAcoustics F1 Speaker Jack

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komfortable Hilfe für Montage von Lautsprecherfüssen more
  • The F1 Speaker Jack is a tool designed to assist with raising the side of a
  • speaker for the Installation of the GAIA-TITAN isolators. Assistance is required
  • to stabilize the speaker.
  • The F1 Speaker jack consists of 3-parts:
  • - Floor Plate: Designed to protect the flooring and provides a smooth surface for rolling the F1 Speaker Jack on any surface including carpet.
  • - Handle: 2 part stainless steel handle provides enough leverage to lift heavy speakers with ease.
  • - F1 Jack Frame: Solid Stainless Steel F1 Jack frame. The “Over Square” design allows the speaker to stay in the raised position while the handle is flat against the floor.
  • The F1 Speaker jack comes in a carrying case for easy transport.
application: HiFi/Home
Weight: 8,40 kg