Violectric DHA V590: The new DA-converter and headphone amp from the factory at Lake Constance

Violectric DHA V590: reference quality DA converter, 32 bit resampler and headphone amplifier

Violectric presents the DHA V590, a powerful combination of DA converter, resampler/reclocker, preamplifier and headphone amp. It offers digital inputs in XLR, Cinch, optical or USB. The digital signal is then processed by the 32 bit resampling/reclocking unit before being translated to the analogue domain by AKM 4490 converters, accepting up to 384 kHz and DoP. High-quality Alps pots control level and balance for up to two unbalanced and one balanced set of headphones. The Pre Gain circuit allows for adjusting levels to match the headphones model of choice. With its high-quality metal front plate, excellent components, great connectivity and a remote control, the Violectric DHA V590 becomes the centre of a home audio system.

Gauting, Germany, 15 July 2020 – Audio fidelity and the pleasure of great sound have always motivated Violectric innovations. The converters and headphone amplifiers from Lake Constance enjoy an excellent reputation among audio connoisseurs. The new DHA V590 continues this tradition, further developing the outstanding sound quality Violectric is known for.

The full package for audiophiles – converter and headphone amp
The Violectric DHA V590 integrates a complete listening system consisting of audiophile converters with resampling/reclocking, superb preamplifier and powerful headphone amp. Each section in itself is reference quality, creating a listening experience of exceptional sonic depth in their combination. A myriad of connections and additional switching options qualifies the DHA V590 as the control centre of the home audio chain – with remote control for optimal integration.

Top-quality signal conditioning and conversion
The Violectric DHA V590 employs two 32 bit AKM 4490 DACs in dual-mono configuration to translate digital audio data into analogue sound, transporting digital audio from various sources with up to 384 kHz and DSD-over-PCM (DoP) into the analogue domain with outstanding quality. To get the most out of the converters, the V590 offers signal conditioning. The 32 bit resampler/reclocker receives its working frequency from a femto clock, has a dynamic range of 180 dB and practically eliminates potential jitter entirely. This enables a particularly clear resolution free from artefacts.

First-class amplification for headphones and more
The freshly converted premium audio signal is forwarded to multiple headphone outputs of the Violectric DHA V590: one balanced and two unbalanced headphone connectors stand ready on the black anodized front plate. For optimal reproduction, a Pre Gain can be set on the back of the device, adjusting the levels to the headphones type used. The front also holds a large volume pot and a balance pot to tailor the levels of left and right channel to individual requirements.

Versatility through connectivity
A host of connection options enhance the versatility of the Violectric DHA V590. Three analogue sources can be connected through one balanced XLR and two unbalanced RCA inputs. For digital signals the device offers XLR, coaxial, optical inputs and USB for PCM and DSD. Regarding outputs, the DHA V590 has another trick up its sleeve: in addition to the three headphones outputs on the front, it also provides balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs at the back, so it can be used as a preamplifier for loudspeaker playback. Headphones and line outputs can be used individually or simultaneously. As the control centre of an audio system, all inputs and outputs can be switched on the device front or via the remote control.

High-quality components and manufacturing
In line with the Violectric commitment to quality, only the best components are used for the DHA V590. The audio signal is brilliantly translated to the analogue world by the AKM 4490 converters and set to the right level with a motorized Alps RK 27 potentiometer and a symmetrical amplifier circuit with 16 transistors per channel. Another Alps RK 27 is used for the balance pot. Additional circuits protect the device from DC, overload and overvoltage and connected headphones by delaying initial onset when powering on the amplifier. All this electronic finesse is housed in a solid, black anodized enclosure with an eight millimetre front plate. The DHA V590 can also be equipped with a relay-based volume control with 256 steps upon request.

Availability and price
The Violectric DHA V590 is distributed by cma audio exclusively. It includes the remote control and is available from August 2020. The MSRP (including 19% VAT) is 3,199.00 euros. The relay option is available for an upcharge of 500.00 euros.

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