The FERROFISH jitter-washer: Ultra-precise word clock

Attempting for best sound quality and an excellent stereo image, the audio experts at FERROFISH employ a particularly precise word clock for their interfaces. Inaccuracies caused by jitter are effectively suppressed, which leads to a completely new listening experience, especially regarding stereo image and spatial depth of the audio signal. Since reclocking also takes place for the loop-thru of digital signals, all sources of the complete system benefit from the sound improvements.

What are word clock and jitter?
When it comes to real-time transmission of digital audio data, it is of crucial importance that sender and receiver of the signals capture the individual samples in exactly the same time grid. This so-called word clock signal is transmitted within the data stream of all digital audio signals. However, inaccuracies tend to occur, especially with larger systems. Such word clock errors are called jitter.

Which sound degradations are caused by jitter?
Jitter results in inaccuracies in the transmission of audio signals. In extreme cases, these lead to crackles and dropouts, but normally the error correction is able to compensate jitter to an extent that such drastic errors are avoided. Nevertheless, even small amounts of jitter can cause significant signal degradation regarding transient response, stereo imaging and spatial depth of the signal.

How does FERROFISH improve the word clock signal?
FERROFISH interfaces feature a special circuit design based on an ultra-precise chip that re-clocks all signals, thus ensuring extremely accurate word clock distribution throughout the system. An integrated "word clock improver" acts as an effective "jitter washer".

What are the advantages of the “jitter washer” for practical work?
The improved word clock of FERROFISH interfaces ensures an exceedingly stable signal transmission. This guarantees an impressively improved listening experience and remarkable stereo image and spatial depth. Since reclocking also takes place for the loop-thru of digital signals the whole studio setup benefits from the advantages. The result speaks for itself: audibly better sound. on Facebook