MOGAMI ALWAYS FITS - Mogami cables for PROs & HiFi

We offer a wide range of ready-made Mogami cables. Special lengths are not always needed. Exactly for these purposes there are high-end Mogami cables already pre-assembled to various dimensions. See for yourself in our CMA store, which lengths are waiting for you already prepared.

Pre-assembled does not fulfill your wishes? No problem, we bring your desired cable to your desired dimension. According to your ideas we will gladly manufacture the length you need for your personal purposes.

HiFi & PRO
Mogami is known worldwide for the utmost accuracy in all production processes and for the most precise signal transmission since its foundation in 1965. Mogami stands for innovation and is a guarantor for highest quality standards in both the HiFi and PRO sectors.

Contact us if you have any questions. Your CMA team will be happy to advise you at any time.

Here you get an overview of our assembled cables: on Facebook