AGILE & LIGHT & EFFECTIVE - Stereoplay Dec/2020 - Mogami cable outstanding in price / performance

"Effective, agile, light..." Other manufacturers are trying to do it with massive and heavy...

Mogami convinces Stereoplay with its very carefully Japanese design. Mogami proves that cables do not have to be bulky to be among the best and convince. Stereoplay describes Mogami's style as their "hallmark" : slim, accurate, with a high and special energy performance. In the test Mogami immediately shows how it works; quote Stereoplay: "Immediately it was clear, this cable is extremely fast. Especially in the mids and highs there was a new energy".

Mogami offers excellent cables at an upscale but extremely fair price, because the performance is honestly persuasive. There are competitors who are much more expensive but do not keep their promises.

The detailed article is available in the Stereoplay issue 12/2020.

See for yourself what Mogami has to offer. Here you can go directly to the store and more details: on Facebook