cma audio acquires Lake People: plans for further development include investments in infrastructure, a new product portfolio and cable manufacturing

cma audio acquires Lake People: plans for further development include investments in infrastructure, a new product portfolio and cable manufacturing

cma audio GmbH acquires Lake People Electronic GmbH. Since 1st January 2020, Christof Mallmann is the Managing Director of the Constance-based manufacturer. Lake People founder and head developer Fried Reim assumes the position of Chairman of the Advisory Board. For 2020, the company plans to invest in the extension of research and development in Constance, to overhaul the entire Violectric product catalogue and to establish a cable manufacture in cooperation with Japanese manufacturer Mogami.

Gauting, Germany, 9th April 2020
Since 1st January 2020, cma audio GmbH is the sole shareholder of Lake People Electronic GmbH. After years of a successful distribution partnership, this next step expands the two company’s association to envelop all areas of operation.

New arrangements for the year 2020
With cma audio GmbH as the sole shareholder of Lake People Electronic GmbH, cma audio Managing Director Christof Mallmann has also become the Managing Director of Lake People Electronic as of 1st January 2020. Fried Reim will continue to work with Lake People as chairman of the newly founded Advisory Board. Michael Zirkel from cma audio manages the global distribution of the brands Lake People, Violectric and Niimbus.

Premium quality made in Germany: Lake People, Violectric, Niimbus
Lake People Electronic GmbH spans three brands covering various areas of high-quality audio technology. Lake People focuses on professional applications in production and broadcast studios with simple, high-quality audio solutions for recording and monitoring. Violectric aims at home audio users, offering versatile headphone amps and converters with outstanding sonic properties for use in private listening environments. This brand in particular will see an extensive revision of its portfolio in 2020. Niimbus concludes the triplet of brands with an uncompromising approach to high-end audiophile quality – immaculate circuit design with exquisite components to achieve an outstanding level of audio fidelity.

Changing the strategy, keeping the quality
cma audio affirms the renowned quality of Lake People, Violectric and Niimbus. Research and development will be expanded in order to satisfy the demand for high-quality products from the manufacturer. The new Violectric portfolio planned for 2020 will mirror the focus on the company’s manifold strengths. In addition to the existing facilities, a cable manufacture will be established in cooperation with traditional Japanese specialist Mogami. “We will showcase the potential of Lake People even more prominently,” Managing Director Christof Mallmann says, looking forward to the developments at hand. “The company and all its brands are revered by professional and audiophile users alike. With constant quality, a host of exciting new products and the new cable manufacture, we will continue to build on this reputation.”


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About Lake People
“Tools – not toys” is the motto governing Constance-based company Lake People Electronic, a full subsidiary of cma audio. This principle mirrors the manufacturer’s determination to develop reference level technology that must be reckoned with. In professional audio, the company realizes its approach under the brand Lake People, while it operates as Violectric and Niimbus in the hifi segment. The attachment to the Lake Constance area, already expressed in the name Lake People, is reflected in the way the business is set up: the entire development and manufacturing is done in Constance, even the suppliers are mainly from Germany. By virtue of this commitment, the AD- and DA-converters, microphone amps, headphone amps, phono amps and signal converters are rightfully labelled “Made in Germany”.


About cma audio
cma audio GmbH distributes audio technology products, systems and services. The global value added distributor focuses on pro audio and hifi. The business model firmly stands on two strong pillars: while cma grants international companies wide-ranging access to European markets, products by German manufacturers are distributed worldwide. With Audeze, FERROFISH, IsoAcoustics, Lake People, MARIAN, Mogami, MXL, Niimbus, Prism Sound and Violectrics, cma audio enjoys the trust of reputable companies. All products in the catalogue of cma audio GmbH are distributed exclusively. Our staff’s expertise and dedication lay the foundation for professional consulting and high customer satisfaction. As part of the cma audio philosophy, passion for music and technology unites the team at the company’s headquarters in Gauting near Munich, Germany. For more than 20 years, cma audio has reliably provided resellers, online shops, system houses and both professional and institutional users with outstanding products. on Facebook