REFERENCE CALIBER all-in-one - Violectric V590 convinces in head-fi test

Test quote:
"Exceptional sound, fits every headphone, robust construction, wide range of inputs and outputs, no weak points."

The V590 is Violectric's latest flagship product. In the test the V590 is described as a real all-rounder with DAC, headphone amplifier and preamplifier in one. Furthermore, the V590 impresses by the fact that the DAC, headphone amplifier and preamplifier are equally convincing as individual components and in interaction with each other. The V590 thus impresses in the test as a real all-rounder without any weaknesses.

Test conclusion:
"It is obvious that I am enthusiastic about the Violectric V590 and its outstanding performance. Whether used as a DAC, headphone amplifier, preamplifier or in any combination, the V590 is simply brilliant. Given the challenge of further developing the classic V281, Violectric has done everything right and hit the bull's eye with the development of the V590.

For those who only need a DAC or a standalone headphone amplifier, wait until Violectric brings individual components to the market... but for those interested in an integrated solution, I highly recommend the V590.“

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