BIG CALIBER in Studio Magazine - Violectric HPA V550 in the review

Studio Magazine has put the Violectric HPA V550 Pro headphone amplifier under the microscope in the studio and is blown away by this "large caliber".

The Violectric brand and the products of LAKE PEOPLE are steadily increasing in popularity in the studio and at home. The high-end quality of Violectric - Made in Germany - convinces in material, technology and sound quality. There are more and more HiFi enthusiasts who only use the high-quality and proven studio technology from Violectric & LAKE PEOPLE.

As more and more users own high-quality headphones, word has also spread that only a technologically and qualitatively superior headphone amplifier can bring out the full potential of good headphones. This test goes into sound, measurement values, technology and much more and describes what a high-quality headphone amplifier can do.

The Studio Magazine comes to the following conclusion:
(Excerpt from the review in Studio Magazine).

"The inner values of the HPA V550 Pro are quite outstanding. Both metrologically, as well as sonically. With the device, the headphone of one's choice plays up to its technical limits, and that's what you need in the studio after all. From us, there is an absolute recommendation for this top product from southern Germany!"

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